Sima Mehta’s work is about spontaneity, positivity and energy, which she derives from her journeys and observations across the world. Sima has created works inspired by the histories and cultures of Japan and India and, most recently, based a series of work on current affairs and social issues closer to home, reflecting on Brexit and the division between the rich and poor.
Inspired by Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and Riopelle, Sima Mehta offers a bold and contemporary take on Abstract Expressionism. She works with acrylics, mixed media and inks using a vibrant and expressive palette.
Sima injects high energy and passion into her work, creating pieces that evoke a sense of ambiguity and mystery, appealing to her audience’s imagination and interpretation. Her powerful use of textured layers – comprising hidden images, symbols, shapes and text – gives each individual piece a uniqueness that reaches out to the viewer in different ways.
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