Sima Mehta is a full-time Abstract & Mixed Media Artist from London, UK. After A-Levels, Sima completed a Foundation course in Art & Design and then gained a BA (Hons) in Graphic Illustration.

From a young age, Sima has dreamt of becoming an artist. She has now accomplished this with great enthusiasm and encouragement.  Developing a style that emanates her spontaneity, positivity and energy, she is able to connect with her work like it’s “meant to be”, letting go of all thoughts and leading with her feelings and intuition. Allowing the brush to take control and be free. Her expressive palette is captured on immense layering, depicting themes derived through her various travels and experiences. Natural and down to earth, Sima builds up her large-scale artworks on the floor in her unique and instinctive multi-step process.

Sima injects high energy and passion into her work, creating pieces that evoke a sense of ambiguity and mystery, appealing to her audience’s imagination and interpretation. Her powerful use of textured layers – comprising hidden images, symbols, shapes and text – gives each individual piece a uniqueness that reaches out to the viewer in different ways.

Sima has built a clientele of happy customers from private sales and commissions over the last 6 years, and her art has featured in various exhibitions, gala events and in corporate offices in the City of London.